Unit 2 History Day 1 3/26/18 – 3/27/18


  1. Overthrow – Agree-Disagree Line
  2. Hawaiian Kingdom – Learning Stations
  3. Recap and assign HW

Overthrow – Agree-Disagree Line

Agree or Disagree:  “The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 was justified and Hawaii  is better off as part of the United States” Why? 

Hawaiian Kingdom – Learning Stations

  1. Work through each station for about 8-10 minutes
  2. If you finish early, focus on discussion questions

*If you missed class you need to come in to do Stations 2 and 4 after school or during lunch

Station 1 Video: Origins of the Hawaiian Kingdom

Watch whole video

Station 3 Video: Pa’a Ke Aupuni

Watch from 29:10 – 33:24

Station 5 Video: Pa’a Ke Aupuni

Watch from 33:24 – 37: 16

Station 4: Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons (Learning Stations)

Learning Stations (Intro to Overthrow)


1.  Watch up until 18:28 of the film “Act of War”

“Act of War”

Sometimes it cuts out or you might see an error message, try just refreshing the page and you should be ok. 
2. Read “Ties with America” 6 pages and write down 3 key moments, events, or people from this reading and why you think they are important. Use HW: Unit 2 Day 1 template Be ready to discuss this document next class.

Ties With America

HW_ Unit 2 Day 1
3. You Decide: Was the signing the of the Reciprocity Treaty a fatal mistake for Hawaii?
4. Read Unit 2 “Collision Course” Task Packet

Unit 2 Collision Course Task Packet (1)


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